September 21, 2008

SATC in Japan

I finally had a chance to go see SATC over the last weekend. It's been doing very well in Japan , and I heard that you may have to get to the theater earlier to get a ticket. So this time, I reserved a seat on-line for my first time because I really needed to see the movie on that day to refresh myself!

I was surprised to see too many women (98% of the audience were women, I think) flocking to the Roppongi Hills movie theater. It was like a popular clothing shop during Holiday season. Many of them seemed to be mature and fashionable working women in Tokyo. I felt a little out of place there, wearing an Abercrombie tank top, an American Eagle top, and a pair of Yanuk buggy pants.

Anyway, as a big fan of SATC, I really like the movie! Samantha is awesome as always. She is hell of funny! I laughed a lot while watching the movie and I even forgot about what I had been worried about these days. The Brooklyn bridge scene was so moving that I cried. I didn't relate myself to Carrie, who is too enthusiastic about her wedding plan. However, I admire Sarah's professionalism and commitment to this movie, in which she looks at herself in a mirror without make-up. That scene was quite effective to present the tough time that Carrie was going through.

I can't wait until the film is out on DVD. I heard it comes out on this Tuesday in the US. I'm jealous of you guys! It's available only at movie theaters here in Tokyo.

I found an interesting column on a newspaper about SATC. The drama's DVD box did well only in Tokyo, not in Osaka, which is in western part of Japan. According to the article, there are fewer workplaces for career-oriented women in the region than in Tokyo. He assumes that the dream life for women in the area may still be like "Get married with a man from a rich family," so that these women may be reluctant to watch the drama in which working women around 40 meet men and have sex a lot.

I don't know if his argument is right or not because I've never been there and I live in Tokyo, a Japanese equivalent of New York. I just can say I feel great to be in this exciting city, may be not as exciting as New York, though.


Christy said...

I can't really comment on the movie because I haven't seen it...but do you have Abercrombie and American Eagle in Japan? or did you get those clothes while you were in America? just wondering....

Karen said...

christy, we don't have either Abercrombie or American Eagle here. I bought these tops when I visited the States last year.

I also order on-line at their sites. The shipping is very expensive--$40-50 or so for $100 purchase. To save money, I buy abercrombie kids XL clothes. Thankfully, I'm small, so kids XL is just right for me.

jen-chan said...

well, that's always its supposed to be ~
cause we people don't always get the best of both worlds, we always tend to look for something new, extraordinary , rare to our surroundings or simply anything we dont always have ;

we tend to desire those things, for change! :)

Asian fancies attractive blue eyes and fairer skin while
Europeans/Westerners crave for darker skin tone, their also definition of 'beautiful' or 'attractive' are also way too different; One is the fairer you are the more attractive you are; the other one prefers exotic type of beauty.

People living in tropical countries wonder what is it like to have snow (eg. here in philippines) while others who's gotten used to winter would want to go to warm and sunny places; people with black or darker
hair color would prefer having their hairs blond while those want to have dark-colored ones.

Those people who live in countries having very strict moral standards
and more society pressure prefer to live in countries where democracy is completely exercised;
while those people who grew in land of the free would want to live
in countries having strict moral standards but having deep regards and respect for elderly,warmth and family ties... (well, my opinion on your american culture related article)

sometimes whatever we don't have or have creates a sense of balance to us people, whether it is us who are in need of (whatever others have) or we are the ones (or whatever we have) are needed by others;
in this way, dissimilarity/distinction between people plays a big factor for them to go and find their needs and wants to feel "complete"

it's just that sometimes the WAY people act on their needs becomes hilarious and ironic hahaha!

but it's ok as long this makes anyone happy :-)

thanks again for nice article :-)

Xtian said...

Karen, I'm so happy you finally got to see the SATC movie. You're right, its out here on DVD, and I might actually be buying it soon. Hehe. The DVD is also available in an extended version, which most likely includes one or two deleted scenes from the movie. Sounds good to me! :)

Yes, I agree, the bridge scene was great and I did get teary-eyed there too. :) Overall, I'm a bit torn over the idea of a SATC movie part 2... which is confirmed to be happening. What could they possibly do to Carrie & Big? I'm thinking pregnancy.... :)