June 14, 2008

Jin Akanishi: Japan's Sexiest Male Celebrity

Are you living outside of Japan and are into Japanese hunks? If so, the list will definitely catch your eye!

Jin Akanishi tops the list as oricon's "10 Sexiest Male Celebrities" by an overwhelming margin. The Internet poll was conducted May 22 through 26 among 500 high school students who are registered as oricon monitor research members(250 males and 250 females).

According to the poll results, the reasons why they voted Jin Akanishi the sexiest include:

*All aspects of him, including his voice and dance, are sexy.

*His vocal style and gestures are erotic.
He gives off a sexy vibe.

*I love the way he casts a seductive side glance.

*His way of looking at the camera is so hot.

If you are getting interested in him and residing in the US, I have good news for you. Jin Akanishi, who studied English in Los Angeles and writes lyrics in English, says he hopes to launch a career in Hollywood. To American women: when he realizes his dream, please blog him to help Japanese girls keep up-to-date with his work. His fans will definitely flock to your blog. He was born on the 4th of July, sharing his birthday with the US, btw.

I've heard that Japanese male celebrities are getting popular in the US. Many American women find them attractive because they are androgynous looking and have good skin. These features may not be found in Americans and Europeans. It totally depends on the person, of course.

FYI. Here's the complete list of 10 Sexiest Male Celebrities:

1. Jin Akanishi
2. Masaharu Fukuyama
3. Takuya Kimura
4. hyde
5. Mocomichi Hayami
6. Hiro Mizushima
7. Hiroshi Tamaki
8. Gackt
9. Jun Matsumoto
9. Yu Shirota


Meghan said...

Glad to see Jin at the top of the list. And as a Hyde and Gackt fan I'm happy to see they are also on the list! Japanese women have great taste in men! :D

Christy said...

ohhh Jin! He's not my favorite but I can't resist his sexiness!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your taste, Meghan! Do you know anybody who likes Japanese male ceebrities? If not, please promote these sexy men in the US. You are a PR.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Hi, christy. I know you love Matsujun. :) He's on the list, too! He has a diffrenet type of sexiness from what Jin has. To me, Jin is not just an eye candy. He is so talented. :)

Christy said...

Jin is really talented yes, he sings well and I love his dancing!

I do love MatsuJun!!! (though from Arashi I like Sakurai Sho the best ^^)

I really like Japanese male celebirties! I'm way into Johnny's. I try my best to promote them here in the US!!! (Kato Shigeaki from NEWS is my favorite male celebrity ^_^)

Karen said...

Wow, Christy, you know a lot about Japanese celebrities. I'm impressed.

So your list goes like,1.Shige from NEWS 2.Sho Sakurai 3.Matsujun. This is so Johnny's!

By the way, do you know Arashi will visit Shanghai later this year?

Christy said...

I really do love Johnny's!! (my list is a little different from that...there are some more NEWS boys in there under shige like Koyama Keiichiro and Nishikido Ryo..I love them all really ^^)

I did know that Arashi was going there! I really want to go to an Arashi concert (and a NEWS concert!) I wish they would come to America!!! (or I'll go see them when i go to Japan in a year ^^)

Karen said...

Christy, I like YamaP from NEWS, who is Jin's best friend. I guess you already know Ryo is also his best friend. :) You probably know a lot more about Johnny's than I do! Arashi and NEWS concerts in the US--that's a great idea. KAT-TUN could be the first to launch in the US.