June 10, 2008

Kanji of the Day

reading: wa, nago(-mu, -yaka), yawa(-ragu), kazu(used for personal names)
meaning: peace, harmony, calm, comforting, friendly, soften, relax, Japanese

*平和 heiwa/ peace

*調和 chouwa/ harmony

*和む nagomu/ calm, comforting, soothing, gentle
e.g. 心が和む曲をかけるkokoro ga nagomu kyoku wo kakeru/
play some soothing music 

*和やか nagoyaka/ friendly, peaceful
e.g. 和やかな雰囲気 nagoyaka na funiki/ friendly atmosphere 

*和らぐ yawaragu/ soften, ease, relax
e.g. 緊張が和らぐ香り kincho ga yawaragu kaori
=緊張を和らげる香り kincho wo yawarageru kaori/
fragrance which helps release tension

*和服 wafuku/ kimono

*和訳 wayaku/ Japanese translation

*和菓子wagashi/ Japanese cake/confectionery

Please note that examples shown above are the major usage of the kanji.
I might not have included all the meanings and readings.


Meghan said...

Thanks Karen for sharing the meaning of of that kanji. It really helps to know those words and expressions. :D

Karen said...

Hi, Meghan. I'm glad to hear that it's helpful. I will keep writing Kanji posts. :)