June 26, 2008

Tokyo Movie Experience Part 2

I've written previously on going to see movies in Japan in Tokyo Movie Experience Part 1. I must confess that I'm a huge chick flick fan. So I had already decided to see"27 Dresses" before I arrived at the multiplex.

In the first part of the movie, Jane (Katherine Heigl) goes back and forth between two wedding receptions. That is too much. One or two round trips are enough to describe Jane's personality. But overall, I like 27 Dresses. One of the funniest parts is the conversation between the nosy aunt and Jane at her sister's rehearsal dinner. I give it ★★★★ out of five stars.

Here are my "Lessons Learned from 27 Dresses":

1. Live your own life. Listen to yourself and focus on what you truly love.

2. Don't be too nice to people. Have the courage to say "No."

3. James Marsden (Kevin)has astonishingly beautiful eyes. He is cute, but not as sexy as Jin Akanishi (to me).

Whenever I go see a movie, I have caramel popcorn and coke. It's a must-buy to maximize my movie theater experience. The sizes are smaller than in the U.S., but they are huge for me. I feel like an American with these "stimulating substances." By the way, I drink coke only at movie theaters, which means I have about 10 cups of coke a year.

It's medium. The width of the popcorn container is as wide as my paper mate pen. I enjoyed my third or fourth cup of coke this year.

Do you have any idea what Japan box office is like? I'll talk about it in my next post. Till then, see you!


Meghan said...

I love that picture of the popcorn. That's a good size! I think Americans are addicted to caffine, and I for one can't go a day without a (diet) Coke or Pepsi.

I'll have to check out 27 Dresses soon!

Karen said...

Meghan, when I was a child, my mom didn't give us Coke for some reason. That's why I'm not addicted to it. Many Japanese drink soda a lot and are getting bigger like, you know, my ****** in law.(Oops.)

Xtian said...

I just wanted to add that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if the movie theaters near me would have caramel popcorn!! That would be such a treat while watching movies. I live in NYC, by the way. :)

This is kind of off topic, but in Austin, TX there is a small movie theater there called The Drafthouse, that actually serves food during the movie! I went there a few times while on vacation one year, and it was quite fun, to have a real "dinner & a movie" experience. :)

Here's the link, in case you're curious--> http://www.drafthouse.com/

Karen said...

Xtian, I've just checked out The Drafthouse website. Thanks for the link! I've never heard about anything like this.

The menu is just like a restaurant's. They even have my favorites like cobb salad. If go there, I'll definitely order Kevin Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich! :) I'm not sure if I can eat my food without spilling during the film's play, though.

The movie theaters in your area don't have caramel popcorn? That's too bad. Speaking of NYC, I can't wait to go and see SATC!

Xtian said...

Hehe, I've actually never tried a Cobb salad, maybe I should! :)

I actually went to see SATC right after it was released and it was truly an event! I've never seen so many women dressed up just to see a movie! High heels, full-on makeup, big hair, taking pictures on line - it was something else. The movie was great too, I loved the series, and the movie was a great visit with the ladies. :)

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Xtian, I'm so jealous of you! I have to wait to see SATC until August 23 when it opens here in Japan.

I didn't know that women dressed up like that. Big hair! Wow! That's quite unusual. Probably because it was in New York, the world's most fashionable city and SATC's shooting place. I would wear jeans here in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing your movie experience. :)

I'm going to publish a new post on my another movie experience and how much I love SATC.